Lucy is amazingly sweet. She warmed to us almost instantly. You can tell that she has had a hard life with the bite marks on her ears. We are so happy that we could give her a great home where she will not have to worry about other Chins being territorial with her. She is a bit independent but as soon as she starts to get her scritches and loves she just melts in our hands. That is only fitting since she melts our hearts with her cute little curly piggy tail and her speckled ears. She is a blessing to us and we are trying to be the best blessing for her as well.
Hello, Lucy! You are so pretty with your cute face and long whiskers, freckled ears and your curly tail! I'm glad you have a new forever home where you are cared about and loved! Your coat looks so soft to pet, please have your people give you a gentle pet or two for me. Have fun bouncing and getting scritches and loves today on your special day! Happy Pet of the Day, sweet Lucy!