Both boys are a delight and I am so fortunate to have them in my life. Typical of Cornish Rex they are very family oriented and love nothing more than to curl up in your lap and sleep under the covers at night. They love to play and can often be found using the house as a racetrack. Although Aito and Koi are still very young, Cornish Rex are known to play like a kitten on into their teenage years. Aito and Koi both have gorgeous coats with lots of the soft marcel waves of a Rex. Along with the distinguishing marcel waves, Cornish Rex have Roman noses and huge upright ears set high on their head. Many people are a little taken back by their looks, but I think they are gorgeous cats. I tell people to just spend five minutes with my Rex and I can guarantee they will be hooked.
Good morning, beautiful Aito and Koi! I have never met a Cornish Rex cat before -- to meet you together is such a pleasure! I enjoyed your pictures and bio very much and I really appreciate your person explaining about your looks -- your coats, noses and those wonderful ears! I would love to give you a gentle stroke and see what your coats feel like, because they look to me like soft, fine velvet. I like your golden eyes and especially your orange-red color! (I love orange kitties!!) What busy days you have with racing around the house, taking a nap and getting ready for a cat show! You are gorgeous and I enjoyed meeting you today! Here is what I wish for you- much success at cat shows and long, happy lives exchanging love and joy with your caring person! Happy Cat of the Day, Aito and Koi!