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    hello hello from Belgium

    So i am new here ... I am a 52 years old woman living in a small tiny country as belgium.. i am married for about 30 years, having one daughter but she is out of the house... and pets yes i have a lot of pets... One dog, 3 cats, 2 saltwatertanks and some birds(canaries its hubby's hobby)...

    First of all came (of the pets i have now).. our male cat keisha he is about 10 years old... after him i hd a dog (sheltie) but unfortunally i had to let him sleep in two weeks ago cause of cancer... as third came our female cat indy she is a chartreux of 4,5 years and she was found in our street.. after her came a blue british shorthair my sweet baby of 14 months .. she was only 7weeks when i got her.. her name is Teddy... and last but not least our new doggy Timmie.. a shihtzu x yorkshire terrier breed... let say a shorkie

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    Welcome to Pet TAlk! You sound like you will fit in well here!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Hello Miranda60 in Belgium,
    Is your name Miranda? just curious. Welcome to PetTalk. It's a great group and we sure do talk about our pets. I have pets as shown below. I look forward to seeing your posts and pics of your pets. Kay in North Carolina, USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaycountrygal View Post
    Hello Miranda60 in Belgium,
    Is your name Miranda? just curious. Welcome to PetTalk. It's a great group and we sure do talk about our pets. I have pets as shown below. I look forward to seeing your posts and pics of your pets. Kay in North Carolina, USA
    indeed my real name is Miranda

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    our cats keisha, indy and teddy

    keisha came as 7 weeks old kitten with us (I had a 8 years old sheltie that time) and became friends with our dog after one week and a half... Now he is big boss in the house... he is very sweet to all people or with other cats... (its not getting along most of the time with our new dog for the moment)

    Indy is our eldest female cat .. she is a chartreux of 4,5 years old... I found her when she was about 6 months in our street... problably she was a runaway.. she was starving she had flees... now she is a sweetest cat who likes to go out at day and being at home at night.

    so last but not least of our cats is Teddy... a british shorthair of 14 months .. i got her when she was 7 weeks old from a particulier breed... dad and mum were having a pedigree... her dad calls ch.mister Loup leroy ter wulvergracht a real bear

    we had to put down our former sheltie xeno two weeks ago cause of cancer and other medical problems and at the same time we adopted a small guy calling Timmie (1,5 years old)... he is a rescued dog from spain...they found him on a beach of gibraltar starving ... searching... when they catched him they brought him to a deadshelter (shelters where they let those dogs starving to death if they are not rescued intime by certain organisations)... so he was one of the rescued ones.. he was adopted by people from the neatherlands but the small guy had a inflammation of his bladder so he peed a lot in their house ... they putted him away all day long in a cat cage in the bathroom.. pitty for the dog after 2 weeks his new owners dumpted him again by the rescueorganisation again.. they didn't wanted him anymore... He came from spain to the netherlands on 17 of june 2012 and begin march he was already in a intakeshelter of the organisation... so i knew my own dog would be gone and i was looking to some shelterdogs and suddenly i have seen Timmie's picture and fell inlove... nothing could stop to adopt him .. he is a sweet little guy, playfull, loving, sometimes bit naughty... but very lovely.. the only trouble i have at the moment with him .. the cats are afraid of him because he barks on them and they dont get along with timmie even he likes to kiss them from time to time...
    picture of march( recent from spain)

    picture of may (intakeshelter)

    picture end of june (after haircutting)

    and the hobby i have .. my saltwatertank
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    Hey Miranda!!!!! How super to find you here!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy that you decided to join this wonderful forum too!!!
    I've been at your home many times, and I must say that you have such great pets!! I love Keisha, Indy and little Teddy a lot!!
    I'm so sorry you had to let go sweet Xeno, but now you have that gorgeous little Timmie!!! Timmie stole my heart from the first second!!!
    Welcome here my friend!!

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    Hello and Welcome to Pet Talk Miranda!

    I know you will enjoy it here.

    I have 6 cats. I'm changing the signature graphic so you won't see much below.
    Meowmie to Mr. Spunky, Lady Jane, Bob, Callie, Kimi, and fosters Lucy Lou and HRH Oliver Woodrow von Katz.

    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

    RIP Samwise (Dec 2, 2014), Emily (Oct 8, 2013), Rose (Sept 24, 2001), Maggie (Fall 2003)

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    two sleepers....

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    Welcome to Pet Talk Miranda!

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana

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