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    Catsitting Bourgeoise

    She’s a little calico girl, under a year old and extremely active! Her name is Bourgeoise, but I call her Beaujolais because I couldn’t remember her name, let alone pronounce it.

    It’s my sixth day with her, I have another 4 days, then 8 days off and again 25 days split in two periods. Glad it’s only 10 min away on a bike.

    I usually bring my lunch - sandwiches, so I can spend more time with her. She is very curious to see what I have, so up on the table she jumps - I’m getting used to it. LOL! Today, she went a step further. While I went back to the kitchen to get some pepper, she started opening my lunch packet, and I tell you, she will eat anything! She even started drinking out of my cup. It doesn’t matter if it’s milk or elderberry juice, but coffee she lets me keep for myself. To distract her, I went and got a little bowl with water and milk in, and I was left in peace while she drank that, However, a few minutes later, she had her huge tail dipped in my cup.

    I brought some of Fister’s toys that he is not playing with and in the past few days, she has thoroughly enjoyed them all, almost shredded and killed three mice. Gosh, the energy she has!

    She really is fun, but I’ve never seen a cat as active as her.

    Will try to get some pictures soon.
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