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Thread: Do we dare discuss the Supreme Court decision re: Healthcare

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    Spider toxin as an ED med?

    They just have to iron out the side-effects, like chasing Little Miss Muffett around her tuffet?


    In all seriousness,

    This will be another drug that, if approved, that costs 48 cents to make and be prescribed at 700 dollars a pill.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by RICHARD View Post

    Back when I was working the trend was moving towards hiring people with college degrees.

    Hmm, hokay.........that should help the cause.

    On two occasions people were hired to work with me that had degrees and no background in healthcare. It was frustrating because they asked questions and when they heard the truth or facts?

    They chose to ignore the facts and move in their direction.

    They were let go after less than a year.


    I outlasted four bosses in 7 years (they were doing a job I had held for 10 years at another facility) -the job was salaried so they didn't feel the need to work to get the job done, my co-worker and I had to clean up the messes.

    So, when I see a used car salesman and a community organizer try to come in and change a system THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, its pretty effing scary.

    Either one will hand it off to a subordinate -with god knows what agenda fuels them - say that THIS is the direction HC needs to go in...

    You can bet your bottom dollar that some AH lobbyist will grease the wheels in order to get his company or products put into the system.

    I am glad I am not a young person starting off in this day and age.

    Our government -no matter who is in charge - has killed any idea as to what an American Dream is or should be.

    HC is something that needs to be fixed NOW.

    Revisit the thread in a few years - talk to some physician/surgeon/care giver and see what they think - you may be a little surprised.
    I am reminded of a bit from the musical Evita...she returns from a trip to Europe and complains..."they called me a wh**e, they actually called me a wh**e. The response..."That's okay, they still call me admiral even though I left the sea long ago!"

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    "Brevity is the soul of wit"
    William Shakespeare


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