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Richard, an allergy test kit is routinely used en toto, especially on the initial visit. The issue is that the office visit is covered, but the supplies used in the covered office visit are part of the annual deductible, despite the insurance plan claiming to cover all testing.

Okay, it's an allergy test, so it's covered (the brochure says all testing is covered).

WRONG.......the test is covered......the materials aren't, in which case the
testing isn't covered (without the materials, there's no damned test, boys and girls).

Parse it however the hell you want to, but a lie is a lie.

Same thing happened to me when I was referred to a allergist by my primary care doctor. The test itself was 600.00.
My Insurer refused to pay at first, saying it wasn't covered. Then they said the allergist wasn't part of the network and
he wasn't covered.

In the end my Insurer paid all of the bill when I reminded them that THEY were the ones who referred me to the specialist. (an error on their part)
I hate dealing with Insurance companies.