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Basic HC in other countries is just that, basic.

Go to Mexico and trip into the "clinica" and check out the care.

Look carefully at what they have to offer and pray to god you don't get sick.

A 'curandera/o' might be able to give you and herb or poultice that may make you well.

Forget an X-ray, CAT, MRI. A blood test just might be "it's red and runs"
Here's what I mean about people who do not know what they are talking about....

We know a couple. They are both doctors with Seguro Social - the Mexican health system. He is in general practice - at a clinica. She is a specialist at a hospital.

They are every bit as educated as a doctor in the US. In fact they attended a University in Guadalajara where a good number of US doctors go to study. I would (and have) trust them with my healthcare.

I would not think of insulting them by telling them they are considered to be practicing "folk medicine" that they are "shamans" - that they are unfamiliar with X-rays, CAR scans or MRIs. By someone who I suspect has never even seen a clinic in Mexico. Maybe even never have been to Mexico?

So...don't be a jerk and listen to people who enjoy saying the sky is falling - even if they have never seen the sky.