Here in California, they have pretty much told me that on my income of between 10k-15k, I will be FORCED to by into Obamacare at the nifty sum of $250 per month. Oh yes, we will get a subsidy, we will get a tax break, big f***ing deal! I will still HAVE to pay $250 per month or be penalized. I have elderly relative on Medicaid and they have been warned that their coverage will be severely cut. Nice. Illegals, on the other hand, will still get full coverage. Again, nice. I do like the idea of insurance companies not being able to say "no" to pre-existing conditions, that's good. Where am I and millions like me going to get the money to pay for this?
Who the H*ll knows. I do know that our president doesn't really care how much I won't eat or if I have to live in my car, but he DOES care whether or not I buy this infernal insurance. Tell ya what, I'M NOT BUYING IT! LET THEM ARREST ME! I WON'T BACK DOWN OR STARVE!