I was very much opposed to it until I read a break-down of it. There are still a LOT of rumors and myths floating around about what is included in the bill that just aren't true.

I will say, though, that I am still NOT happy about being "penalized" for making a CHOICE to not purchase insurance. They say this is to prevent people from getting coverage on an "as-needed" basis, and hopefully promoting more wellness care so that emergency trips are avoided or lessened. I do understand that, but we live in America, we are the "land of the free", yet we aren't allowed to make a choice to have insurance or not or we get "penalized". Oh, sorry, they call it a "tax" so it's deemed "constitutional".

BUT, I do encourage every one of you to visit this link and read the break-down of points. He even goes through and debunks some myths that are floating around, some of which I've even read in this thread.