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Thread: Do we dare discuss the Supreme Court decision re: Healthcare

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    Do we dare discuss the Supreme Court decision re: Healthcare

    I suppose we could discuss this like adults.

    I, for one, am happy to have access to health insurance and happy for anyone benefiting from coverage. I can't imagine not wanting coverage.

    I know some folks are livid about having to have coverage or be taxed if they don't. Lots of loopholes, as I understand it. Aren't there always?

    Anyone? Or is this just too upsetting.

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    I do not know enough of the matter to generalize, although that does not seem to stop most TV commentators. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, particularly as, in Massachusetts, we have had the individual mandate for a while. I do not think it is either the end of civilization as we know it, or the answer to cure all ills, which is why I guess I'll never be a network anchor!
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    I for one, don't understand how this land of the free, can force people to purchase healthcare, or be taxed. I suppose that there are many pros and cons to this plan, but I really can't comment, since I haven't read the proposal. A couple of pros tho: you cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and that there is no limit on lifetime benefits.
    My insurance is in place, I don't have to worry about getting any different coverage, since I have Medicare and a supplemental plan, tho I don't know at this point what changes will be made to Medicare and if it will effect my supplemental plan as well.
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    I am dubious re Obamacare. If I had my "druthers", I'd rather not have it... but I won't go bonkers about Supreme Court's ruling. I also do not know how it will affect my Medicare and supplemental. I think -not positive - that those of us on Medicare will eventually have less coverage; I might be wrong.

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    Since my husband needs coverage BADLY and we can't get it due to a pre-existing condition...I'm happy. We've called over 40 places trying to get help so that my hubby can get back on his meds...which run around $1300/month without insurance...and no luck.

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    One thing that concerns me is where do the illegals fit into all of this? All Americans will have to have insurance or pay a fine, so will we be still covering the illegals health care too? I am not against immagration as long as it's legal. We can't trust the US government to even control that. How can we trust them with our health coverage?

    Frankly, it frighens me.
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    Beats me

    I have not a clue about illegal immigrants and how their health coverage claims get handled. Do they pay taxes? How can they if they don't have a ss#? or do they.

    I know a few people who don't have insurance coverage because they just don't want any, believe it or not. They will have to pay a penalty for no coverage I just don't know how much that will be.

    Having been a healthy younger person and now a "falling apart older person" I don't know what I would do without insurance. Hospital stays and proceedures are so expensive that without the coverage, I would be in the poorhouse.

    Vermont has just begun the process of establishing an insurance exchange and has, as I mentioned in an ealier post, has great coverage for folks who don't make much money, income wise. They really look after the people living here. They also have Medicaid etc., but in general, Vermont government treats it's residents nicely. I think I will stay here.

    I get it that people don't like to be TOLD what to do. Heck, you need to have car insurance to drive a car. You need a license to drive, too. Surprisingly enough, many people don't have either and get caught from time to time. Shame on them. I don't see why people would get worked into a lather about having to have health insurance coverage.

    We shall see how this all falls out. November will be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momoffuzzyfaces View Post
    I am not against immagration as long as it's legal.
    Glad you said that. My Mum was born and raised in London during WW II. She lived here 42 years, always had a green card. For that generation of English, it was hard for them to even consider changing citizenship. Many did, but not as many as may have had they not lived through the Blitz. It always surprises me how many people don't distinguish; and since we grew up with it (my brother and I), it was normal for us.

    Anyway, having pre existing condition and having stopped work (well, the company disappeared in a take over and we were all let go) about 14 years back, I've been on a self pay plan for years now. I don't dare let it lapse, I'd be in a huge mess. Now paying over $700 PER MONTH, I am in favor of a change that covers pre existing conditions. This doesn't mean I think Obamacare is perfect; but then, no law is. There are so many aspects to nation wide coverage.


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