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Thread: Look what I found!!

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    Look what I found!!

    I was out walking with my sister this morning down a creek trail by her place. We turned a sharp corner, and this little gal was in the middle of the trail catching some sunshine!

    I picked her up and she sprayed a little musk at me, but didn't bite and settled down after a minute of handling. I moved her away from the main trail to a spot where there's not a lot of foot traffic, so hopefully she stays out of trouble. She's a harmless California Kingsnake. I'm fairly sure she's female because when she musked me, her uh...lady bits...were exposed. Someone had taken a bite of her tail at some point, it was just a well-healed nubbin.

    I'm still grinning like an idiot, what a fabulous way to kick off the day!

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    Wow, she's so shiny and gorgeous - thanks for relocating her somewhere hopefully safer!
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    She's got such an interesting pattern! Bless you for helping her to a safer place!
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    With a title like that, and knowing who posted, I just HAD to look. What a good size! I don't know too many folks who would have picked her up, though. Thanks for taking the photos, lovely to see up close like this.

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    Hee hee, my sister was telling me "I would never have picked that snake up!" and I understand why, even I was concerned abot getting a prickly bite. I was just so worried about someone coming by and harming her, since hundreds of people walk by that part of the trail every day.

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    She's beautiful. and thanks for seeing to her safety!
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    What a lucky snake that you happened by! She's very pretty.
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