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Thread: Farewell dear Sherbie

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    Farewell dear Sherbie

    My dear little free spirited kitty, Sherbie, is now truly free. He departed his earthly body at 12:40 this afternoon, as he started his final journey to Rainbow Bridge.

    He had been on the decline for the past few weeks, and tho he was eating enough for 2 cats, he was wasting away to nothing. He looked like a walking skeleton with fur on it, and had lost so much muscle mass that he had difficulty walking, but he still wouldn't let go. Then he stopped eating except for a couple of bites, a couple of days ago, and I knew the end was near. I told him it was okay to go, but he just kept holding on. It broke my heart to see this once robust cat, just a shell of what he once was. So this morning I made the decision for him, and took him in to the vet for his eternal rest. The ride in was so eerie. In the 9+ years that he owned me, he never meowed - only chirped and trilled - but he meowed the entire ride in. The end was quick and peaceful thankfully. He got a sedative to knock him out, and then the final injection. I petted and talked to him the entire time so that he would know I was with him.

    I brought him home, and my son will prepare a grave in one of his favorite spots that he liked. I have the ashes of his best buddy RB O.C. who departed 4 years ago, and I will bury them together, so they will never be parted again. It's only right that I do that. Those 2 were inseparable partners in crime (raiding bunny nests and other adventures), and now they can be together once again. I have some flagstone, and will make a marker for them.

    I'll miss that boy something awful, but he is at peace now, and I will find peace in time with that also.

    RIP Sherbie. We all love you.........
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    Oh, Ellie, I'm so sorry.

    RIP, dear Sherbie, and Peace to your family. Godspeed to the Bridge, honey, your Mom will miss you so.

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    Sweet Sherbie, the outdoor kitty, the one who just showed up and stayed. I am glad you were able to help ease his path and end his suffering, Ellie. I know how difficult it is. Run free Sherbie! Hugs Ellie.

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    Rest in peace, dear boy!
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    Play hard at Rainbow Bridge Sherbie!

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    Oh, I am so sorry. What a beautiful boy, so beloved.

    Sherbie is whole and healthy again at the Rainbow Bridge, where he and his best buddy O.C. await the grand reunion.. One Fine Day... Love is eternal, and you are all together always.

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family and all who love him so much. God bless you and bring you peace and comfort.

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    So very sorry to hear about Sherbie..Godspeed.

    The only consolation right now is that he has been released from whatever ailed him.

    I am positive he knew that what you did, you did for him..hard as it was..we cannot let them suffer.

    Take care, and when you're ready, let your happy memories flood your heart. It takes time, but will happen.


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    Awww Ellie, I am so sorry to hear about Sherbie's passing. I am sure his "talking" to you on his trip to
    the Vet, was him telling you he understood that you were doing him a final kindness by sparing him more
    suffering. (((Hugs))) Sherbie was a lucky boy to have you in his life.
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    Sherbie and OC are together again, happy at the Bridge.

    It is so heartbreaking to put our own feelings aside and do what is best for our furbabies.

    Hugs, and may future happy memories help you heal.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Oh, I am so sorry to learn this news. (((HUGS))), Pomtzu.
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    After just going through something exactly as you described last August with my Rascal, I truly feel
    your loss as deeply as you do.

    I am so sorry, but rejoice that you were able to give Sherbie such a good life and he was well loved.

    I am so sorry that you have to go through this at this time - it just never is easy.

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    Just finished reading about your loss Pom-- I remember the story of the cat who just appeared and decided to stay. He was a handsome cat, love the pictures . I'm sure he was trying to thank you for helping him make the final journey as you drove to the vet's. They seem to know when it's their time don't they.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

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    I am so sorry Ellie. At least he knew what it was to be loved and you were with him until the end. Reading your post brought on the tears (as usual) bringing back memories of my past.

    RIP Sherbie
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    I'm sorry, Ellie

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    I am so sorry to hear of Sherbie's passing and your loss. You gave him a home and love for 9 years and now he will look in on you from above at the Bridge.

    Rest easy, Sherbie, and play hard at the Bridge.
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