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    Farewell dear Sherbie

    My dear little free spirited kitty, Sherbie, is now truly free. He departed his earthly body at 12:40 this afternoon, as he started his final journey to Rainbow Bridge.

    He had been on the decline for the past few weeks, and tho he was eating enough for 2 cats, he was wasting away to nothing. He looked like a walking skeleton with fur on it, and had lost so much muscle mass that he had difficulty walking, but he still wouldn't let go. Then he stopped eating except for a couple of bites, a couple of days ago, and I knew the end was near. I told him it was okay to go, but he just kept holding on. It broke my heart to see this once robust cat, just a shell of what he once was. So this morning I made the decision for him, and took him in to the vet for his eternal rest. The ride in was so eerie. In the 9+ years that he owned me, he never meowed - only chirped and trilled - but he meowed the entire ride in. The end was quick and peaceful thankfully. He got a sedative to knock him out, and then the final injection. I petted and talked to him the entire time so that he would know I was with him.

    I brought him home, and my son will prepare a grave in one of his favorite spots that he liked. I have the ashes of his best buddy RB O.C. who departed 4 years ago, and I will bury them together, so they will never be parted again. It's only right that I do that. Those 2 were inseparable partners in crime (raiding bunny nests and other adventures), and now they can be together once again. I have some flagstone, and will make a marker for them.

    I'll miss that boy something awful, but he is at peace now, and I will find peace in time with that also.

    RIP Sherbie. We all love you.........
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