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Thread: Keegan

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    I know there are several broken hearts around the world that are so sad that the BRD is no longer with us. But we can all take peace that she is up there with Phred and many other PT pets that went before her.

    I am so sorry for all the pain you've had to go through lately Staci.

    RIP Keegan
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    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    I am so very, very sorry. Deepest sympathy for all your pain and heartbreak.

    Prayers for peace and comfort for you.

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    Death thought about it.
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    So sorry.

    I hope things begin to improve for you. It is such a sad time, to have to beloved pets go to RB in such a short period of time. RIP Keegan! You were loved by many. Play, play, play.

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    So Sorry

    So sorry to hear about Kylie and Keegan,I am sure they will be missed a lot.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Staci, I am so sorry for your loss. I never had the pleasure of meeting Keegan, but felt I knew her gentle spirit from everything those who did wrote about her. And to have lost Kylie so shortly before.....I just can't come up with any more words.


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    I'm so very sorry. I know how much you loved her, I always enjoyed seeing pictures of her. RIP pretty girl.
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    Again, Staci, my heart is breaking for you. Amy told me Saturday night that you had texted her to let her know that Keegan was gone. I guess I thought if I didn't see you actually posting it either here or on facebook it wasn't real.

    I am sorry and if you need anything, please let me know. I do believe Keegan is with Kylie, and Snoopy and Jack and Phred and Shaianne, and all our other loved ones who have passed before us. Even old Oreo. I am sure Oreo was delighted to see Keegan again.

    Somebody wrote about how much Keegan loved you and I could see her again about knocking you over when she leaned into you, crying for you and trying to figure a way out of the dog park when you went to the bathroom, and never letting you out of her sight at the dog park. I can see her chasing the tennis balls, trying to get at least two in her mouth. I can see Dazzi fighting with her, her scratched nose and then later, Dazzi warning other dogs that Keegan was under her protection and to stay away!

    I will miss Keegan and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.


    "That they may have a little peace, even the best
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    I'm so sorry for your losses. How heartbreaking.

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    Still thinking of you and keeping you in my thoughts, Staci

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    Staci, I had posted on FB, sorry I didn't get to this thread sooner.

    Having lost 2 myself on April 30th, I have some idea how difficult this is. My heart breaks for you. Please try to hold on to the good times, as you find your way through the grief and the tears. RIP Keegan, RIP Kylie, together now.

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    : (

    We haven't been on PT in a very, very, long time, and my heart is breaking as I read that our beautiful furiend Keegan is gone...and even though its been a few months, I know your heart is still aching too. She was such a sweetheart, and I'm so glad we knew her. She's a big part of our fond memories of all the PT Pic-nics we enjoyed in Findlay. Well, I guess we ALL know who was standing there will a whole load of biscuits to greet her.... i'm sure seeing her made Phred's day up there. He'll keep en eye on her, thats for sure!

    ((((((hugs)))))) to you, Staci, and kissies from Jack & Moo...

    Pat & JoJoe

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    I'm so sorry, Staci. I'm sure that the pain you feel is awful. As you said, at least BRD is pain free. Peace to you, Staci.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Stacey...I had no idea just seeing this I can't tell you how sorry I am. I don't mean to open recent wounds but please know I feel your pain and am sending you huge hugs .

    I've been Boooo'd!


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