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Thread: Farewell, dearest Knight in Furry Armor.

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    Unhappy Farewell, dearest Knight in Furry Armor.

    Oliver, your great heart is no longer here on earth. Your heart-broken Meowmy, Tats, let me know that you are with my beloved Olivia, your Jewliette, your princess.

    I'm sure you two are frolicking happily at the Rainbow Bridge. You wonderful fur-kids are missed so much.

    >^._.^< You were loved, you wonderful fur-kids.
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    Oh dear, I am so sorry to learn this news. Amberlee, thank you so much for the update. I was worried when I didn't see Tats posting. She had mentioned something about a sad day and a sick kitty and that had me concerned. ((((HUGS)))) tats I know the RB kitties will be there for Oliver.
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    Dear Sandra, it breaks my heart to hear that you had to say goodbye to Oliver. As Amberlee says, Livvy was surely welcoming him to the RB and they will resume their love affair. It's so hard to say goodbye, but I hope it will be a comfort to you that Oliver had a long life with you, filled with love and care. I know he will be in your heart forever.

    Rest in peace, dear Oliver!

    My thoughts are with you and I send you love and comforting....


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    Sandra, I am so sorry for your loss.

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    Sandra my heart goes out to you. Losing Oliver is like losing a piece of yourself. Take comfort in knowing he is in a good place, happy and whole. Also that he had just the best life in this world filled with love and care.

    Many, many hugs to you today as you deal with this loss. Time will rebalance all and memories of Oliver will make you smile again.
    Yours in Whiskers

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    Rest in peace, Oliver, knowing you were so loved for so very long that you have left indelible paw prints on the hearts of many. Send you mom some purrs in her dreams, okay? Now you go find Lucas, and Pippin, and all the Pet Talk kitties up there, they will show you around, and let you know where the treats are kept, okay?
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    I am so very, very sorry to hear Oliver has left us, physically. May the many years you shared bring you comfort.


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    Sandra, deepest sympathy to you for the loss of your beloved Oliver. Rest in peace, beloved kitty, whole and healthy again at the Bridge.

    Peace and comfort to you and all who love him and grieve him. You and he are together forever.

    God bless.

    Pat and cats
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    Oh no. I am so sorry to hear that our adored knight in furry armour is no longer with us.
    It is so hard to be without the furries that become such a big part of our lives.
    Many condolences to all who loved Oliver.
    Frolic happily Oliver, happy and whole again.

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    Sandra, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know it's so painful - prayers and {{{hugs}}}.

    RIP, dear Oliver-Godspeed to the Bridge. Much love goes with you.

    ​GO RAVENS!!

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    Sorry to hear another beloved pet going to the RB, I'm sure Lucas and Pippen will play nicely with him.
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    Thank you so very much, everyone

    I can't tell you how much your words of comfort mean to me, everyone. Oliver was truly one very special boy, with a heart of gold. As the saying goes, he didn't have a mean bone in is body. He would cuddle and snuggle with anyone within paws reach, given the chance, a human or a furry one. He would diligently stand guard over the guinea pigs' cage and cuddle with them during free time. He loved his kitty sibs Buddy and Tigg with all of his heart, and after giving his Mom the requesite 20 mins. of goodnight purrs, cuddles and bread making come 10-11pm, off he would go to sleep with his Labbie sister Star at the foot of the bed for the rest of the night. When he would go to Dr. Paul for a visit, he dutifully jumped out of his port-o-prison (cat carrier) onto the scale for a weigh in. When more "invasive" testing was required, he would submit without a fuss. Dr. Paul (McCartin) would come back and say..."What a gentleman! He let us do all that was needed without raising a paw!"

    He truly was an angel, as are ALL of our furbabies. And please believe me when I say, that whenever I learn of the passing of a beloved furkid here on Pet Talk my heart breaks as though I had lost one of my own, for I know that you loved your baby every bit as I loved mine, that the pain is as heartbreaking, and deep, and life changing. I'm in tears, reading of the passing of Lucas and Pippin, knowing their families hearts ae breaking as mine is...Please forgive me for not offering my condolences sooner. I'm so sorry.
    But I know that Lucas and Pippin, and my Oliver and his beloved Livvy, his Jeweliette, are all in a better place, where the butterflies float on gossamer wings and the sun shines eternally.
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart...Auntie Amberlee, Pinot's Mon, Killearn Kitties, Pat, Cataholic, Bengalz, Cataholic, dear Randi, cassiesmom, Lady's Human, Shai's mom; everyone.
    (I tried to post some pictures of him but can't for some reason. Maybe I will try later.)
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    Sandra, my heart breaks for you. 3 weeks ago my Kylie went to the Bridge also. I hope they find each other and can cuddle.
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    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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    Sandra, we all share that knowledge.. And our furkids never go completely as they all have been so special, everyone their own purrsonality.
    So Oliver will be alive in your heart furrever..

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