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    Please Welcome Worm!

    Well...Worm's not home yet, she can't be shipped until the weather is a little cooler on both ends. BUT I didn't want to wait a few more weeks to show her off. She's so pretty!

    My good friend Bob from Mountain Folk Serpents mentioned that a teeny runty snake had hatched from a cluch he had. He posted a picture of the teeny little snake, and I was smitten. I asked if she was spoken for, and he said no, as long as she eats I could claim her. Some baby snakes take a long time to start eating, but Worm has not had that problem! Despite being unusually small, she has no trouble with her meals! Now to wait for a cool spell that happens both here and in KY so she can come home safely. Bob has been generously taking pictures for me so I don't go crazy waiting, LoL!

    Here's miss Worm still glistening, fresh from her egg!

    Here is the image I fell in love with originally. I love that her pattern is so regular and evenly spaced, and her colors are so rich even before she's had her first shed.

    After her first shed. See how much brighter she is? She should just get brighter and brighter every shed for a year or more!

    I love this picture. Her daddy is a "redcoat" corn snake, which is a gene that's not fully understood, but it should mean that her background color will have a bright pink/red wash to it, and you can see the pink coming in here.

    To see Worm's dad, click Bob's site, go to the males, and scroll to the second-to-last photo, Ochre. He's so bright! Mom is Gracie, 4th snake down on the females page.

    Here is a picture of Worm's parents together.

    Here's one last picture, of Gracie laying her eggs, February 26. One of those eggs has my Worm in it! (obviously, all of the pics in this thread belong to Bob, not me!)

    Anyways, thanks for listening to me ramble. I've got Worm's home all set up and waiting, but alas, my weather-controlling abilities are failing me.

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    Worm sure is tiny. She really does have bright coloring after her shed. What species are her parents?
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    Wow, the pictures with the person's fingers really show her size! I like her pattern too!

    Snakemama, I have learned so much about snakes from your interesting posts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonny View Post
    Worm sure is tiny. She really does have bright coloring after her shed. What species are her parents?
    Both of her parents are corn snakes, with different genes to make them different "morphs". Ochre is a Redcoat Ultramel...the redcoat means that he's very bright and saturated with color, the ultramel gene is the reason that his markings don't have a border of black around them. Gracie is an anery stripe. The anery gene removes all red pigment, so that's why she is grey. Worm will carry redcoat, ultramel, anery, and stripe to pass along to any offspring she might have in the future, and both of her parents carry other genes that she might now carry as well. She's a genetic powerhouse, LoL!

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    Oh my, she is so tiny! But just as cute.

    Be sure to keep us updated on her progress and when you are able to bring her home!

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    Worm is adorable! I don't know an awful lot about snakes, so thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge. I've always had an interest in mammalian genetics so it's great to learn about them in the reptile world, too!
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    Hello again, Worm! You sure are a cutie! Keep growing strong, and soon you'll be able to go to your new mom's home in sunny California!
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    Worm as beautiful markings. Congratulations and keep us posted.
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    Oooh, the weather's cooling down on this end, hopefully within the next week or two it'll be suitable for shipping...

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    We're still waiting on shipping because my sister might be buying one of his snakes also and it'll save $50 if we ship the two snakes in the same box. So in the meantime Bob is keeping me up to date with pictures. My little lady.


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