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Thread: Original David missing ten years since june 2nd 2002

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    Original David missing ten years since june 2nd 2002

    David Cyrus OSullivan
    June 2nd 2002 to june 2nd 2012 will be ten years that original david cyrus went
    missing, the brother to salmon. he is an 25th anniversary kitty, like salmon
    I never found him and I still cry and we miss him. he was born july 19th 1999.
    we never did find him and my heart hurts for his loss even to this day. I
    wish he was never stolen.. I let him out 6am june 2 2002 6am and by 8
    am I knew he was missing.. i made flyers and offered $100.00 reward for
    his return I searched and search sometime I think I see him from time to time
    only to find nothing.. it really hurts that he gone... i miss him so much ..
    david senior was the father whom we had for 8 years but original david
    is missing. when salmon passes then i will quit looking for david cyrus
    original david.. pat n diane 20120602.1111
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