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Thread: Anyone on Weight Watchers? Question! :)

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    I'm 8 1/2 months into my new way of life and I've lost almost 40 lbs. Lately I've hit a brick wall though. I want to cheat on my food more often and don't want to work out as hard. I hope I get over this hump soon. I have 10-15 more pounds to go!

    I use a program (on the computer or a smart phone app) called and it has helped so much! And it's FREE! It does make it easier for me with Bruce on board with me..........finally! He has lost almost 30 lbs and actually he is at his ideal weight. Now he is just adjusting his plan to build more muscle.

    My trainer is upping my weights too since I am getting stronger now.

    I hope everyone is still on their plans and doing good. I'm sure it will get harder as it gets more into summer.

    Good luck everyone!!!
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    I was on WeightWatchers 4 years ago! I lost more than 10% of my weight, so I was very happy with that!! I lost 18kg in total!!

    But.... due to medication (like cortisone), I keep putting on more weight all the time now ? I hate this, I made such a big effort to kick of those 18kg, and now it comes back although I am still eating healthy....! So frustrating!!
    Last week my neurosurgeon told me I was overweight; Yes, I know that, no need to throw that in my face once more....

    My clothes from last summer all are way to small....! I like go shopping for new things, but now I hate it because I always have to take the largest size, and even then it doesn't always fit...

    It is so frustrating to hear people say "You gained lots of weight hey, do you eat to much or unhealthy?
    Nope, I am NOT eating to much, and Yes I eat healthy....


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