Flocke like salads, carrots and fennel, but his favorite thing to eat is dandelions. ... Every day I take Flocke on my arm and stroke him. He has never bitten me yet. My rabbit is awake most of the night, but he is sleeping in the midday. Even though he is five years old, he is still very fit. Lately, he likes relaxing in the flower bed. Before we go on holiday, we bring my rabbit to my grandmother, where he is well cared for. In the winter, when it is very cold, we take him into the house. He is joyful when he can flit through our garden. I love him very much.
Hello, Flocke, pretty bunny! I like your brown and white coat! I hope you have a fun day of relaxing in the garden and maybe nibbling on a dandelion or two! Please have your person give you a gentle stroke or two from me. Happy Bunny Pet of the Day, Flocke!