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Thread: Blue abd Gold Macaw

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    Blue abd Gold Macaw

    Does anyone have a Macaw? I was given a big blue and gold and I'd like to talk and ask a few questions about large birds. I know he hasn't had any toys for a couple years and had only one perch that is way to small for him (quaker size perch
    ) and was on a crappy Wal-Mart seed diet. When he stands tall and flaps his wings you can see his sharp breast bone so I know he is underweight. His cage is to small so his tail feathers are chewed up by hanging on the side of his crappy cage. I don't think he had much out of cage time. So in short this poor bird had only 2 dishes one for crap food and other water. Never let out of his crap cage and only that skinny perch. If anyone has a large bird please contact me so I can ask things.

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    Poor Rio! What are your questions. I know a fair amount about them, from all the Macaws we have had on Pet of the Day, and also from others who own them. Thanks goodness you got him out of that awful, awful situation! Has he been to the vet yet? The poor thing needs much better food, and of course a bigger cage. Add any toys in one at a time, so he has a chance to get used to them. It make take a while before he actually play with anything, poor thing is probably adjusting to his new life still! Do you know how old he is?
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    Hell, we got 6 coons racin' around our garden now, been comin' here for 5 yrs. now, love them but they wreak so much havoc man Does anyone know how to make them split. Like forever. They gotta hate something a lot. Mum brought her 4 kits this evening and the mum practically sat in me lap. Kits are adorable, as we all know very cute. Cannot get over the damage they do AND they all crap in our yard, it's a community crapper now and they always crap in the same spot for eternity apparently. Dads a gnarly piece of cranky work whenhe arrived They are rollin' all over the sweet peas with tremendous glee and zeal. Six different breeds of sunflowers they arewreckin' as well, jeez. No clue how to keep them away, they seem to think this is the place to be, anyway if someone out there has any suggestions i'm like so open to them , thanks Oh ya, non-violent ones pleeps

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    blue and gold

    Read yesterdays pet of the day about Sunny our macaw. We had a lot of issues when we got her and I would be happy to try to answer questions. Also is a good place for answers. I think rehoming one of these guys is a huge trauma for them.


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