Hello all, I'm not sure how many will remember me as it's been nearly 3 years since I've last posted, but I had a question and figured this would be one of the best places to ask!

I am currently doing some pet and house sitting jobs. The ones I have now are jobs I've "taken over" from co-workers who can no longer do them. Being new to this, I've charged them what my co-workers have been charging them for the same jobs. However, I've spoken with some people and they seem to think for my overnight stays I should be charging a lot more than I have been.

So my question to you: how much do you think is a fair price to charge for house or pet sitting? Understand that I am an RVT with 3+ years experience (excluding school) currently working at a small animal clinic for 2+ years and I am experienced with dealing with sick, critical, injured animals; can administer any form of medication (even with difficult pets... try hitting an angry cat with an insulin needle... ), have a reliable form of transportation in case an emergency arises. I will keep the house tidy, bring in mail, water plants, bring in newspapers, etc. I am also familiar and comfortable with feeding/handling most small animals (reptiles, rodents [not hamsters, admittedly, I've never handled one that hasn't bit me ]).

So what do you think a fair price would be for A) once a day visits, B) twice a day visits, C) overnight stays, D) once or twice a day visits with special instructions [taking the dog on a 30 minute walk twice a day, etc, anything above just feeding/watering/letting them outside to run around for a bit]. Also, would you factor distance in to the price you're willing to pay (I currently have a 44 mile round-trip to work every day...).

Any advice, thoughts, suggestions would be fantastic. I figured I have such a broad group of people here from so many different backgrounds, you would be the best audience to ask

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!!