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Thread: Sydney the Tuxedo Kitty!

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    Sydney the Tuxedo Kitty!

    It is our Sydney who is today's Cat of the Day! Hello, handsome tuxie kitty! I didn't know the part of your story that you were in another home and then came back to your shelter program. You moved from Cambridge to Michigan with your meowmie too! You look so nice in your tuxedo, I am sure Miss Scrappy and her dad will be so happy to see you as COTD! Happy, happy Cat of the Day to you and prayers that you and meowmie will have many more happy, healthy days together !
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    Sydney the Tuxie - "Puttin On The Ritz" (always)

    A beautiful tuxie with an equally beautiful story! Tuxies are elegance personified, although I tell my silver-grey Dorry that he is wearing a "grey flannel suit" all business this one - eating, sleeping, playing, trying to outsmart me, succeeding BTW, the part about living in one of H.P. Lovecraft's former abodes (any strange aura there?) he also had a cat, Felis Anyway, show off your stuff, Sydney as our COTD star!

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    It's PT's Sydney, taking top honors today. YAY!!! It was so nice to see those pictures of you and to be able to put a face to that name. I guess we just don't get to see you enough (hint-hint to Meowmie)! And you really are a very smart boy too, aren't you?? You knew how to misbehave just enough to get back to who you wanted to spend your life with. While scratching isn't really acceptable behavior, it did the trick in your case and it can be chalked up to cunning. Good boy! I'm sorry those old kidneys aren't up to par, but here's hoping you still have lots of time lleft to hang and chill with Meowie. She loves you bunches, and you are so lucky to have each other.

    So enjoy your extra special day today - the one day that you belong to all of us. A very happy COTD to you, handsome Sydney.
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    Sydney, Fantastic story! You are such a smart kitty to get back to where you wanted to be. Happy Cat of the Day! Request some treats from your meowmie!

    (Psst: Sydney, annoy your meowmie at her computer or whatever she is doing instead of attending to your needs and she'll give you treats. Mr Spunky)
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    Well, good morning and happy COTD to you, Sydney! I don't remember seeing your picture, either, but you are a handsome one, aren't you? Little bit of a scrappy beginning, but you ended up where you always belonged, huh?

    You have a great day and give a kiss to your Mom - OK?

    ​GO RAVENS!!

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    Sydney! I didn't know you had those AMAZING long whiskers you show in that first pic! You sure knew where home was, even when a wittle guy!

    Happy COTD handsome Sydney, and I hope you enjoy much more time with your meowmy!
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    Awww, Sydney is not only a sharp lookin' fella he's smart as well! He picked his family and that was that! I loved seeing Sydney,hope his day is very special. Peace and love

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    Sydney, you sure look like you are a very proud boy! Happy COTD, today is your day, you rule, so enjoy your own special day! (I love those whiskers too!)

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    Sydney...the holiday cat!

    Found around Thanksgiving, and in your forever home at!
    I've learned long ago that impatient people DO NOT make good pet parents. I'm glad that you went back to someone who understands this.
    The resident tuxedo here - Crunch - just turned 12 this month. He bids you hello, and we all here hope that you enjoy your COTD status, Sydney!
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    Very Handsome Sydney

    Happy Cat of the Day to you, Mr. Sydney. You are a very gorgeous boy. I had a black,long haired girl named Sidney for many years. She was a pregnant rescue, so we also got three beautiful furbaby boys shortly after we found her. For your kidney problems, your Momma needs to go to and check out a supplement called "Tripsy". It is for kidney problems, and it has MANY great/successful reviews. I give it to some of my older cats for prevention. It is very easy to use. Just put a few drops on their food. Please check into it. God Bless you both, and I hope you have many more happy years together.

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    Loved your story, Sydney. It takes a very clever cat to know how to get to go back home. Honestly, the way some people act with cats (and other animals), it makes me so mad. I'm so happy you got out of there and got to go back to the forever home you wanted to be in. Enjoy your day!

  12. "There's no place like home...there's no place like home...

    Sydney - it is good to find your way home, isn't it?

    I am glad you found your forever home and glad your meowmie found a cyber home on PetTalk. The better to hear all about you.

    Congrats to our tuxie Cat of the Day!!!!

    (red always looks so dashing with a tuxedo, don't you think?)

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    Sydney, you handsome fellow you!!!

    I wondered if that was you and when I saw the picture of the mousie your lovely Scrappy sent you, I knew it was. I'm sitting here smiling at you, just in case you were wondering. I bet you are having a wonderful day. You certainly desver it.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Cat of the Day!!!
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    Hi Sydney, you sure are a handsome young man! Tuxie's have a special place in my heart. I sure am happy you were returned home. If people don't understand about KST (Kitty Standard Time) then that is totally unacceptable. Some things just cannot be rushed! It's always nice to hear about another successful foster failure! Happy COTD dear Sydney. I hope you're around for a long, long time.

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    Sydney the senior Tux!

    Greetings Sydney! A very happy Cat of the Day to you, beautiful boy! What a handsome and debonair, regal and refined seasoned Tuxie man you are, and so very deserving of our extra special Sunday honors!
    I loved reading your story, Sydney, all about the Christmas kitty who came home to stay! And yes, three cheers for foster failures near and far! You've led quite the exciting, adventure filled life, Sydney, moving from one fabulous, vaunted location to another! But in the end it's all about being with your Mom, as you so rightfully told her that very special day, one Christmas Eve long ago!

    Thanks to your dear Mom for sharing your very special story, and your utterly heart melting pics with us all! It was an honor to have the chance to meet you, and pay tribute to one very special senior, one Cat of a Lifetime, and all that you mean to your Mom!
    Hoping for you and her, a very happy Cat of the Day celebration, and more wonderful years of shared love and devoted companionship!
    Cuddles and kisses to you, beautiful Sydney!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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