Hi everyone. As most of you know by now, I adopted two more cats not too long ago. I decided to make my second bedroom into a cat room. They all love it and it's working out great. In the bedroom they have 4 cat trees/condos, one scratching post and another type of floor scratcher, 2 litter boxes, a cute cat tent, a water bowl, and a big queen sized bed if they want to use it. Colby will be your guide with some pictures and I've also included some of my bedroom and the living room and dining room areas. Enjoy!!!

Welcome to the new cat room. You can see a floor scratcher next to the door and a cat condo on your right."

As you go towards the window, there's another cat tree on your right.

When you turn to your left you can see another cat condo and another cat tree in the corner. That's my cute little brother Finnegan in the window.

Here's my big brother Blaze showing off on the largest cat tree in the room.

More pictures coming up.>>>>