This is for the ladies with short hair that color their hair at home. If you have medium/long hair it isn't for you, but you might want to read anyway and pass it along to your short haired friends and relatives.

Everytime I color my hair, I end up throwing half of the solution out, since I don't need it all. I was trying to avoid this waste and come up with a solution to the issue. You can't save any unused portion which seems like such a waste, so I was wondering if I could freeze it and then thaw the next time I needed to color. I scrapped that idea - with my luck the solution would go thru some transformation in the thawing process that would turn my hair green or cause it to fall out!!! So the only other idea was to just mix up half to use now, and save the other half (unmixed and returned to the original bottles) for the next coloring. I just poured each bottle into separate bowls and used a medicine syringe to measure precisely half the amount of each - set aside what I would need for this coloring, and returned the other half to their respective bottles.

Okay - so some probably think I'm cheap , but I like to think of it as being thrifty, and I do hate waste. Being retired and on a fixed income, every little bit I can save adds up. No - it's not a ton of money by any stretch of the imagination, but for me, taking the extra few minutes to do the measuring process is worth the savings.