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Thread: Milou!!!

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    What a beautiful face he has! I love his pretty eyes and white toes. Congratulations on being Cat of the Day today!


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    It's no wonder Milou is so well loved, what a beautiful feline and excellent COTD!!! I hope both your kitties and your whole familly enjoy the very best, peace and love

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    Milou is so cute!

    Hi. I loved the story about Milou. He and his brother are adorable!

    Greetings from my little kitty pride. Jar Jar (Maine Coon) and Phantom (tuxedo cat), 13 years old and 14. Older cats are great! I've had mine since they were babies.


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    Milou you are very handsome and look much younger than your years! It must be all that love and having a brother to play with.

    Happy COTD tabby boy!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Sweet Milou

    What a beautiful kitty you are Milou and I'm so glad your person rescued you and your sibling from a shelter. My cats also love playing with and lying on plastic bags - after I cut the handles for safety - they also like licking them because of the oils that are put on them to make it easier for the shopkeepers to get them apart in the boxes. Ask your person to give you some tissue paper to play with (on) too. My cats hide their toys in between the sheets and they also run and then slide on it as though it's a surf board. Great entertainment for anyone watching too!

    Enjoy your Cat of the Day honor - I am sure you and your brother will always be cat of the day everyday.
    Please have your pets sterilized as soon as possible to lower, and one day hopefully eliminate, unwanted and abandoned pets. It IS our responsibility. Adopting from a shelter also helps - encouraging breeders just adds to the overpopulation.
    Angel Beyli's Mom thanks you!


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