Yes, I ended up adopting another cat on Sunday April 29th. Even though Colby is fitting in very well, Alani & Blaze don't really play with him very much. He's either by himself or he comes to me to play with him. I've also always done better with an even number of cats so I wanted to get Colby a playmate. I know that kitten season is already starting but I didn't want to adopt a very young kitten. I found a very handsome short haired orange tabby classic with green eyes and they think he's 8 months old but the vet that saw him said that he may be even younger and more like 6 months old. He's very tiny and is even smaller than Pearl and Colby. Right now he's known as Finnegan and I'm not sure if I'll change his name or not. I was trying to think of a good "D" name for him because the last three cats that I've adopted have been A,B, & C but I haven't been able to come up with anything that I liked. Any suggestions are welcome. I do think that an Irish name suits him though so any other Irish name suggestions are also welcome.

He was found in a yard in East Palo Alto and I adopted him from Bay Area Cat Rescue. I met him at his foster mom's house on Sat. but this rescue group won't let you adopt a cat the same day that you meet them. They want you to sleep on it first and they you make arrangements with them to bring the cat over to your home. He arrived here a little after 6pm on Sunday April 29th. He's in my second bedroom which will soon become another room for all of my cats to hang out in just as soon he's comfortable in his new home and has been introduced to everyone. He's been eating and using both litter boxes so far. One for pee and the other for poo. He's also been playing with a mouse that squeaks because I can hear it outside the door. He's still hiding under the bed and he's still very shy. He does have a loud motor and he loves to purr. He also has very soft fur. I've held him and petted him but he's still very scared. His foster mom only had him for 1 week and he was still confined to her bathroom. She said he does like other cats and he doesn't growl or hiss at them. Sky met him briefly and neither one of them hissed. I have a picture of him and a short video that his foster mom took of him. Enjoy!!!

Here's his video: