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Thread: Tilly you Gorgeous Girl!!!

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    Tilly you Gorgeous Girl!!!

    First, congratulations on being Cat of the Day Tilly - you are adorable and just gorgeous!!

    Second, seeing your pictures and reading your story gave me tingles - I thought I had stepped into an alternative universe for a moment. Not only do you look just like our Eve who was COTD on March 16th (except for your coat markings), your personality is definitely her twin. I have heard we all have a double somewhere in the world ... now I am more convinced.

    Your mommy and daddy must have fun times every day with you around ... I know that from personal experience.

    Have a most wonderful celebration today sweetie and please ask your hoomans to give you a big hug from me.
    Yours in Whiskers

    I'm not young enough to know everything.

    "The Best Mirror is an Old Friend"

    “The secret of what is small is the secret of clear-sightedness; the guarding of what is soft and tender is the secret of strength.”

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    Terrific Tilly

    What a cutie pie you are Tilly. I have to agree with your hoomins, that picture of you hanging on the panel door is a hoot! I bet that's how you get up to steal the ckicken and probably how you get away with it too. It also shows what beautiful markings you have too. Enjoy your day Tilly girl, Happy COTD!

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    Tilly what a lovely girl you are!!!

    At first I was going to say that surely your mommy was mistaken about you being naughty until I saw she had proof on a picture. Silly girl, climbing the door like that. I bet things are not boring with you around, eh? I hope you are being spoiled rotten today. You deserve it. It's a hard job keeping humans entertained.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Cat of the Day!!!
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    Oh Tilly! The first photo - the look on your face! what an adorable, smartypants look! I love it. It really speaks to your silly, spunky mischievious purrsonality. And I must tell you.... your coloring - looks almost pink - a purrect color for a moxie girl!

    Congrats on Cat of the Day!!!

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    I love Tilly, she is a brat and they are always the best kinda cats!!! She is very beautiful as well, hope ya'll enjoy this day. Peace and love

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    There goes my heart!♥

    Oh, be still my heart!!!
    What a babe, what a beauty you are, Tilly. That come wither look, that paws up glam shot has my boys in a swoooooooooon!
    Cheeky and charming, with looks and personality to spare; you've got all the bases covered, sweetheart! No big surprise to learn your humans are mere putty in your paws, Tilly. You sure know how to "work it," and "just at the right time! And don't think that shot of you climbing the door was lost on me! What a goofer!
    Thanks for ending my day with a huge smile and lots of laugh, Tilly! Hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor, being treated royally, pampered to pieces!
    Lots and lots of love, cuddles and smoochies to you, precious Tilly!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Tilly, the beautiful moonraker pussycat! What a fun girlie you are- I think your family love you very much! Happy Cat of ther Day!
    Lilith Cherry
    "Love never claims, it ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents, never revenges itself." -Mahatma Gandhi

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    You're so adorable Tilly! Congrats on being COTD!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Cheeky, gorgeous Tabby Tilly!

    Hello, Tilly! What a beautiful grey lady you are! I'm with Bengalz -- you remind me of Eve! I love the photo of you making your way up the door, smart girl! I can tell who's in charge at your house-- you! Happy Cat of the Day to you, lovely lady Tilly!
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    Cute and smart, knowing exactly how to wrap your family around your little paw! Congratulations Tilly on being Cat of the Day.

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    I laughed when I read about your antics, Tilly! LOL!
    You are also a very beautiful girl - I love your pictures too!
    May everyday be COTD for you, Tilly!

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    Wow, she is so beautiful! I love her fascinating stripes and pretty eyes. Congratulations on being Cat of the Day today!


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    Talk about a big purrsonality! You have it in bucket loads, Tilly. How cute you are with your huge beautiful oh-so-innocent eyes!

    How could anyone ever resist you... Congrats on being such a super-adorable COTD, Tilly!

    Angel, Puddy and Tinkerbell

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    Well Tilly aren't you a pretty girl. I love your markings and I love your silly, mischievous, playful purrsonality. I had a girl that used to do your door trick too. She was a funny girl. She didn't actually climb the doors but climbed the door frames. One paw on either side of the frame and up she would go. Having a special trick is pretty darned cool but having a special trick and looking so cute and innocent while doing it is super cool. Happy COTD Tilly. I hope you were spoiled rotten and got lots of extras (kisses & cuddles & treats too).

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