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Thread: cockatiel blues.we've tried EVERYTHING.

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    cockatiel blues.we've tried EVERYTHING.

    ok, i will sum this up as much as i can.
    our cockatiel is over 4 years old now. we have had him about 3 years. from the day we received him, he will not bathe. you can put him in water, spray him with a bottle. he will freak out to the point of falling off his perch. and after, he will NOT preen. just sits there wet until he air dries. he will NOT eat fruit or veggies, or treats of ANY kind. rarely he will take one bite of a cracker and then throw it down. the fruit dries and he throws it down as well, not trying to eat, he just tosses it. he will not play with any of his toys, he has a ton. he only breaks them. sometimes, for no reason, he shivers and falls from his perch (almost a seizure) and gets tangled up in his own wings. at times he needs us to untangle him before he can even stand up all he does is scream and scream the exact same noise over and over. he CAN say pretty bird and whistle a couple of songs. he does this about once a month, MAYBE (i am disabled and home a lot and never hear him, even when he is out with me). you CAN NOT put hands near him, he bites. he will NOT leave his cage, beyond sitting in the door. he will not sit on your hands or arms or shoulders. if he is out he bites. covering doesn't stop the screaming, a dark room does not either. i do have other birds and have trained them before, this is the only one i have ever met that is like this. he also picks his feathers, no matter where he is, when he is mad, sad, it doesn't matter. he ALWAYS picks. he looks awful. we are so weary of trying to help him. he has no medical problems according to the vets (yes plural) except his wings were clipped wrong and he will never fly (was done before we got him). he has other birds, myself, my husband and friends to play with. we bring him out, he freaks. we put him back with the other birds (not in the same cage) and he freaks. we cannot even train him at ALL (and i train animals so this is an embarrassment to me). i just want to know if anyone has heard of this kind of behavior all at once like this, before??? i was told he would be euthanized if i give him to the spca etc. no one wants to deal with him. we are at our wits end here.. we have followed every single recommendation over the years from professionals and others...

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    It sounds like your cockatiel needs a lot of one on one & even then a person would wonder. Do you know his breeding? Could he be inbred? I have seen this happen where it didn't matter what you did with the animal it was just messed up mentally & was put down. I am sorry for you & your cockatiel.
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    The shivering and falling from his perch sounds like seizures. Do you know his history at all before you got him? He may have been abused ...

    What does he eat?

    Does he interact with anyone or any other bird calmly? Does anything comfort or calm him?
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    He might have been lack of vitamins/minerals. How about giving some vitamin drops in his drinking water?

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    I wonder what this birds name is. Sounds like he or she is terrified most of the time, and afraid of other birds. I feel for you as well. Is there such a thing as budgie valium? All that comes to my mind is this wee bird needs a tranquilizer. Maybe every day. Wishing you the very best, peace and love


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