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    Oops I Did It Again!!! Pics Added On Post #27

    Well you can just call me a crazy cat lady because I did it again. This is what I did. (scroll down to find out)

    I adopted another cat today. He's a 10 month old buff tabby formerly known as Cricket but I changed his name to Colby. I kept looking at his picture on petfinder and then when he wasn't on there any more I just figured that he had been adopted. I couldn't remember his name so I asked his foster mom if she had an orange male tabby with a "C" name that had been recently adopted. All she could think of was an orange & white one named Cheetoh. She later e-mailed me asking me if I meant Cricket who is a buff male tabby and let's just say that after she described his personality to me, I was hooked. His brother,a Russian Blue DSH, had been adopted and she was trying to get the man to also adopt Cricket because they were very bonded. He tried having both of them for 1 week but he just couldn't handle having 2 cats and he also said that Cricket hid all of the time.

    His foster mom wasn't doing a pet fair today so she wanted to bring Cricket over to my place to meet me. She was very busy today so she didn't come over until a little after 7pm. I have my second bedroom set up for him so we put him in there. He came out of his carrier and was purring very loudly and he was very friendly. She was amazed at how out going he was and how comfortable he seemed to be. After she left, he did begin hiding under the bed. I should've had my camera with me while she was still here but I did manage to take a few pictures of him later. The main reason that I wanted to adopt him was to get Alani & Blaze a new playmate. I'm hoping that then A & B will stop chasing poor Ziggy all of the time and stressing her out. Pearl gets chased sometimes but not to the extent that poor Ziggy does. I also got him for me and he already reminds me of my RB Sunny. He's a lot smaller though and is only about 9lbs so he's Pearls size right now. Sorry for the rambling. Now on with a few pictures of Colby.

    Here's his picture from Petfinder:

    I took the rest of these:

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