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    HI Blue! What a big, beautiful handsome guy! Sounds like you are a real sweetheart too. happy dotd to you!
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    Blue...What a big handsome boy you are. I am so glad you ran the burglar off. Congratulations on DOTD.
    You deserve to be DOTD. Have a wonderful day and many many more years with your family.


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    I sent this in well over three years ago. Blue died April 19, 2009. He had internal bleeding that caused his organs to move toward his chest cavity and give him CHF because there wasn't enough room for that big ol' heart of his. When he was ready to be pts his eyes weren't even blue anymore, they went green due to a liver problem. Actually reading through what I wrote, I sent that in just before we found out he was ill. He was almost seven years old, but he died a month and a bit short of his birthday.

    It means so much that he was finally selected. It really does. He meant so much to me. Thank you for your kind words. <3

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    C_H I am so sorry to hear this news about Blue, I really enjoyed seeing him. RIP Blue, I am really happy you were finally selected. I am sure you were your mom's dog of the day everyday, handsome boy

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    I'm so very sorry...

    Oh, no.:
    I'm so, so very sorry to hear of the untimely passing of your beautiful, beautiful boy, Blue. There simply are no words adequate to express my sympathy on your great loss. God must have been in need of a very special angel to have taken him from you long, long before his time. But I'm so glad that your beloved Blue finally has his special day of tribute, only days before his birthday, and I hope it brings you some small measure of peace, seeing him being honored here today. I just wish, with all of my heart, that it would have been sooner. He was not only your best friend, your devoted companion, your soul mate...he was a hero, saving your family from almost certain harm. He has truly earned his angel wings, his sparkling, ice blue eyes now lighting up the heavens, his gentle, loving spirit and big, BIG heart, gracing all at the Rainbow Bridge.
    How lucky you were to have known his devotion and unconditional love, and I hope knowing that you gave one most deserving doggie the happiest of lives, that you and he will one day in the distant future be reunited, brings you comfort. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us, giving us the chance to honor him and pay tribute to all that he meant, that he means to you. He was one in a million, a Dog of a Lifetime.

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    Blue was certainly a handsome boy. He was more than a brave dog, he was a loyal & protective
    friend as well. He was very deserving of honor as our DOG OF THE DAY. Rest easy at Rainbow Bridge Blue.
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    I recognized your Blue right away. I always loved him. He was such a handsome boy. It's nice to see him as DOTD even though he's at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope this is a special day for you CH.
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    I am so sorry to read that beautiful Blue is no longer with you. He sounds like a wonderful dog from your description. He will be there waitibng at the bridge for you with blue eyes and a wagging tail!
    Lilith Cherry
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    Beautiful Blue!

    Well - I'm sure glad that you weren't given up! You are such a great dog!
    You deserve to be Dog of the Day!

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    I am SO sorry to hear Blue passed, he was and always will be the best of the best! So glad he was honored DOTD today, peace and love


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