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Thread: Hello from Kansas

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    Hello from Kansas

    Hello everyone, my name is Karen and I live in the state of ever-changing weather that is known as Kansas. At the moment our family has 4 cats: Sgt Pepper, Tonka, I.R. Kitty, and Carlito. No dogs at the moment as we just lost our last dog, a Papillon named Gypsy to old age.

    This is Sgt Pepper and Tonka:
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    They are both 17 years old and are brother and sister. They were born here at our house. They've never been very close, mostly they just tolerate each other.

    This is I.R. Kitty:
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    She's 14 years old. We found her along the side of the highway after her owner dumped her!

    This is Carlito:
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    He's a stray we took in a few years ago. We don't know how old he is since he was full grown when he came to our house. He hates having his picture taken so this is the best I have of him.

    As for me--I'm over the hill and loving it. As long as I've got a cat's chin to scratch and can listen to them purr with pleasure--I'm happy.

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    Great pictures, and thanks for the introduction at last! Good to see your crew! What part of Kansas are you in?
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    Thanks for liking the photos, Karen. We live in northeast Kansas. We've been having some thunderstorms roll thru, but the cats don't mind, except for I.R. Kitty, she loves to be outside and can't go out if it's raining--she hates rain.

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    Hello and welcome to PT! Love the orange guy.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, Karen!!! Hope you and yours are safe during those storms. You're gonna love it here!!!

    As for me--I'm over the hill and loving it
    My kinda woman!!!! Your cats are beautiful, Karen. I love oldies and have a couple myself. Total of 11. Two fosters (NOT, it looks like) who were trapped and very feral, and 9 of my own. Wouldn't want it any other way!!!

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