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Thread: "Howdy" barely had time to say he's gone in an instant...rainbow bridge to early encountered

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    Unhappy "Howdy" barely had time to say he's gone in an instant...rainbow bridge to early encountered

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Size:  35.0 KB"HOWDY" barely had time to say he's gone in an instant...Rainbow Bridge too early encountered.

    How could this be? This cruelness of fate? A muddy 7 month old adorable long-haired Chihuahua only needed a bath. My son described he usually played "Statue" during this process; this time he moved one step and fell 4 feet to the hard tile floor. His neck broken, his eye sparkle gone immediately! My grown son at my door this evening in tears; heaving, chest crushing sobs of torment as he described the death of sweet little Howdy. Could it have been prevented; yes! But all the harder to take. The back lawn could have been mowed and the weeds cleared so the 2# puppy would not have gotten so muddy in the under brush. A midnight bath? Would a wash cloth have sufficed? Would the bathtub have been a better choice? How about NEVER taking your hands off of him at all-EVER while above the floor? My hurt is knowing all of these answers but not being able to spare my son or his baby boy Chihuahua the pain and senseless loss my additional years of experience has taught me. My son always did have to learn lessons the hard way...but now a man, why THIS hard? Why this tragic? Howdy was a perfect show dog Chihuahua little dude. Funny, playful, tolerant of my 9 year old grand daughter's ADHD type handling. He was only with my son and grand daughter since February 20th. Purchased as an after thought as company for the little female 3 months his elder we'd journeyed to get. Litter box trained; everything was perfect. Everyone's feelings and needs thought of. Responsible steps taken, neutering done, rabies given, all immunizations on board and now dead. In half a second! Cruel!!! Worse yet? Tomorrow my grand daughter comes home from her mother's house and has to be told that HER dog, he was her dog; is gone. My only input was don't describe how it happened exactly. Every time I think BROKEN NECK I shudder and cringe. I found myself crying then SCREAMING and SCREAMING in the shower tonight! I am 60...I live with no other humans and I needed to scream, so I did. Now I am only 2 weeks away from the 1st anniversary of my 10 year old Maltese's death due to Cushing's Syndrome and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Unpreventable? No! Vets pumped the little guy with corticosteroids for allergies all his life...vets don't take oaths, you know? Now there are non-steroidal treatments and grain-free diets but my Roscoe died a painful death all the same. Too little too late. Of course my thoughts that pushed me over the edge came when I imagined my Roscoe receiving little Howdy at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge. Were there such a place I would go there too. Not to stay, not yet. I have my own furry and feathered "fids" that still depend on me. We are the sole caretakers of these wonderful creatures God loans to us and we can only do our best. But do we? So many, many do not; and for some, on purpose they do not. Why do those of us that try SO hard to do our best suffer so much? I suffer not being able to spare the pain my son must relive when he tells Madison, my grand daughter, of the tragedy tomorrow night. -A broken neck-broken neck-broken solace even that he suffered not.
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    Rest in peace, little Howdy. Your death was an accident, and we are sure your person will forever be haunted by that one second in time. But as you are a dog, we know you have already forgiven him, and and maybe in time, he can learn to forgive himself as well. Sned him some puppy barks in his dream from your spot at the Rainbow Bridge, okay? And send your grandma a some, too.
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    No words here, but I am just so very sorry to hear this terrible news. RIP, sweet little one, and let your humans know the "would have, could have and should haves" serve us all no purpose, but to keep us in our grief.

    Gentle hugs.

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    How tragic. I am so very sorry for your loss.

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    Such a sad and tragic story. Sometimes life's lessons come in what appears to be a cruel and heartless manner, and leaves us wondering "why"??? But it was just a tragic accident, and your son can't blame himself or he will drive himself crazy. Howdy lived a very short life, but I can see that he was very much loved. My heart goes out to you, your son, and granddaughter. May you soon find peace and healing.

    RIP Howdy. Find Roscoe and run and play together while you wait for your humans. You will all be together again one day.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. He was very loved and you'll all be reunited some day. RIP sweet Howdy.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Howdy. Everyone makes mistakes, and Howdy was clearly a dearly beloved family member whose people would never have knowingly put him in harm's way. He was lucky to have you all for his short stay here.

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