Well, Lady had her toenails trimmed today. I was late, and it was evidently bad behavior day at the office. The vet staff were nice enough to let me take Lady into an examination room to avoid all the ruckus. There was a police dog, who didn't like being there, and a German Shepherd Dog pup who evidently didn't like any other animals, among others. Oy.

Lady was a good pup, despite the tech missing her vein a couple times, and didn't even poop on anyone this time!

As we were leaving, I said hello to an elderly pup, he was a tan shorthaired lab mix of some description, who was very friendly despite having his hind leg in a soft walking boot.

Neither Lady nor I needed the antisocial pup, and when I asked the vet about the ruckus, she said it had been like that all day. Full moon for pups?