I have not been here is a LONG time..boy has it changed lol, those those that rember me..hello again! and for those that dont..well, I'm Shayna lol, my crew will need a whole new intro since uhh..they have changed a lot since I was last here

so allow me to introduce my current crew

first up is Happy, my 11 year old BC

followed my Misty, my 9 year old BC(I think she was actually a puppy when I first joined here lol)

then Electra..but more commonly called "Baby"..my 6 year old Toller

Rusty, my 9 year old JRT X

Gem, my 6 month old ACD X

and Gypsy, also a 6 month old ACD X(Gem's sister)

for those that remeber Ladybug, she unfortinatly passed away last november, she was 15

in addition to the dogs I also have

Peepers, a 1.5 year old Dwarf Hotot

Jenny, a 3+ year old mix

to be continued...