My two adult corns bred yesterday! I'll be introducing them to each other twice more in the next week or so, then letting Pearl settle down with a laying box. I'm so excited! Last year Pearl produced 22 healthy eggs for her former owner. That was her first year being bred, and corn snakes usually produce more after the first year. I'm going to have my dad build me a couple of nice racks to house the babies in so that I'm not totally overwhelmed by taking care of them! Kostya has never bred before and he's a little young for it, so he wasn't too sure what to do. I took a shed skin from another male and slipped it into the "honeymoon suite", and the scent of a rival male seems to have flipped a switch in Kostya's brain!

Here's Kostya (I know the focus isn't great, but I love this photo of him anyways!

Here's Miss Pearl!

And here's the happy couple in their honeymoon suite! Click for the video. (Nothing graphic is happening here, they're just wiggling their tails and getting acquainted!!) I recommend turning the volume down because my camera for some reason puts a ringing noise into the videos...

I'll keep this thread updated with any new developments!!