I stopped by the vet this morning to pick up more k/d food. Dr. Townsend gave me a few minutes to ask some questions.

1. Willy does not have Chronic Renal Failure. He has Acute Renal Failure. I asked him what the difference was and he said that chronic comes on slowly over time. Acute can be the result of a kitty being blocked where the kidney's got damaged. (Willy has never been blocked). Or it could be that he was born with one or both kidney's damaged. That's what he suspects at this point.

2. It is okay for all our cats to eat the k/d food. He said that if we had cats 3-years old or younger, he would not recommend it but since all of ours are older, it's okay -- expensive -- but okay.

3. All kitties are liking the k/d. They don't LOVE it, but they like it. After Willy sacks out at night, I gave Willow (she's a night owl) some regular food.

4. We take Willy back to the vet for more urine and blood tests mid-April.

5. Results of Willy's tests:
BUN (normal 14-36 mg/dL).................Willy is 99 - high
Creatinine (normal 0.6-2.4 mg/dL).......Willy is 8.0 - high
Phosphorus (normal 2.4-8.2 mg/dL).....Willy is 10.0 - high
Potassium (normal 3.4-5.6 mEq/L).......Willy is 3.3 - low
Na/K Ratio (normal 32-41).................Willy is 45 - high