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Thread: Fister has an appointment on March 1st and March 8th

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    So glad that Fister and Shanga both went through their dental work so well!
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  2. Dear Fister,

    I am so glad to hear your dental work went so well! I am suppose to have my teeth cleaned too. But I am very afraid. Not just of the dentist but also --- how much Edwina will beat me up when I come home smelling like a dental cleaning!

    Do you have any advice or should I just be a tom like you and just take my lumps?


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    Dear Eddie,

    It's never much fun to go to the dentist, but you will feel so much better when it's done. How do you react to anethesia? You know, there are different kinds, so you should have your secretary ask the vet which one will be best for you, and to give you as little as possible. I take such a long time to come out of it.

    Yes, you will smell different when you come home and Edwina will not like it. So the first thing to do when you get home, is to insist that Blondie or Curly rub you all over with a soft wet cloth to get some of that horrible smell off. After that, it will feel good to be put on the big bed and have a good rest - I can see that that might be a challenge, with miss Edwina around, but you can ask to have the door closed. Make sure your mom or dad stay with you, so you won't fall down. My mom had put me in the wrong place on the bed, so I simply had to give it a try and I managed to crawl to the exact spot I wanted to be... her pillow. Still, I fell over a few times.

    At 9PM I was able to walk in a fairly straight line and I could finally eat some food.

    Good luck with your dental, Eddie, I hope you will only need a cleaning. I send you purrs and good thoughts, and lots of kisses from my mom.

    Your friend

    Sara, my vet said that I should prevent Fister from getting draft until he was back to normal, so off with the AC and balcony door closed.

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    SO glad they made it through the procedure. I know how stressing it can be. Hang in there, girl!!

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    Hey Fister, you always look so handsome on your pics !!!!
    I am so glad to read that you were such a great boy at the vet's!
    Don't you worry about a few lost teeth, you have plenty more to eat aal the kibble your mom gives you .Yesterday I lost a teethe too! My mom found it and put it away in a little box...; I wonder why, as it is way to small for her own mouth, right!??
    Love from Maya, one of the Gabriels Girls
    I miss you enormously Maya, Inka & Zazou Be happy there at the Rainbow Bridge

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