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Thread: Fister has an appointment on March 1st and March 8th

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    Fister has an appointment on March 1st and March 8th

    Fister is going to the vet for a check-up - along with Shanga, who I looked after again recently. They値l be going in the same car, Fister in his box, and I suppose Shanga in hers. I hope there値l be no hissing!

    Fister has slowed down and he is miawing for me to come and lay next to him, and often wakes me up a couple of times during night. He eats and drinks and pees and poops, so that's good, but he sometimes misses when he jumps up on thedesk. He has let me brush his teeth for a while now, but only the front ones - he doesn稚 mind that too much. I知 a bit worried about his gums, though, but he doesn稚 have bad breath. I really hope he won't have to have any teeth extracted. He値l be 16 years old in May.

    You all may think I知 crazy, but the astrologer Karen spoke to on the radio show, said that Fister will be more sensitive to any kind of medication in this period and that will go on for another 6-7 months.
    I hope you'll send him some positive thoughts. Thank you!

    Here are a few recent pictures of Fister.

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