has an interesting case right now. Walter is a 5 year old cat who was adopted from the shelter 3 years ago by his loving owners. Walter is now suffering from acute renal failure, and his only chance at living is a kidney transplant.

I didn't even know they performed kidney transplants on cats. I thought you guys might be interested in following Walter's story. Hopefully it will have a good outcome.

Walter's purrrents have spent a lot of money to save their baby. IMOM is trying to help them raise the final $3000.

If you are in a position to donate, please see this thread:
No amount is too small.

Additional background for Walter is here:
Walter's family has flown with him to Gainsville, Florida where he is awaiting treatment -- if funds can be raised in time.

Please cross-post Walter's story. Please donate if you can. And let's all wish him well. He sure hit the jackpot when he chose his family. They are really going the extra mile to keep their baby happy and healthy.