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Thread: PLEASE beware of treats made in China - UPDATE #10

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    Made in USA:
    Colorado Naturals

    Plato Farmers' Market

    Bully sticks, antlers (both can be found on Amazon)

    Himalayan Chews

    (Their new Z bones are such a big hit most stores can't keep them in stock! )

    Cloud Star

    You will find the above and many more, at good prices, here: Caution: not everything at Doggie Food is made in USA, you do have to read labels, research online, before ordering. Most of Tony's items, he includes the info in his description, but he has missed a few. So pay attention!

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    Voluntary recall

    I guess there is a voluntary recall of the Waggin Train treats. I saw it posted on Facebook just now. I never fed my dog Fenway any of that but my brother gave him some of those treats this past Saturday and now I'm freaking out that he could get sick. I'm watching him very closely.

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    I noticed the recall report also. It's about time, is all I can say.
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