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Thread: PLEASE beware of treats made in China - UPDATE #10

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    PLEASE beware of treats made in China - UPDATE #10

    In the past 2 weeks, the FDA has received over 400 complaints of dogs getting ill and / or dying after eating chicken jerky treats made in China. I am still trying to track down more info, this is what I have found so far:

    Pass this along to everyone you know who owns a dog. One thing the above article emphasizes: The FDA has been posting warnings associated with the treats since 2007, but most consumers are not aware of the notices.

    Note: The leading US importer of chicken jerky treats has stubbornly refused to recall. Cases of their products line the shelves at Giant Eagle, Wal Mart, Walgreens and other stores, and coupons for consumers continue to be found in newspapers and circulars.

    This is RECENT, as of Feb 19, 2012!
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