I've got a rabbit, and its name is Felix. He lives with me and my family in Heidenheim, Germany. He is really affectionate, which is nice. He likes running in our garden, but he doesn't like cats. When I clean the rabbit hutch, he cames and pushes my arm with his nose. It's really sweet. Sometimes he "talks" with me, and sometimes he licks my hand. When I come to the enclosure, he makes noises with the cage bars. And he can go up and down stairs faster than you would think! Oh I like him sooo much!
Hello, Felix! You are a lovely bunnykins! I like your sleek black coat and your lop ears! How wonderful that you communicate in so many ways-- pushing your guardian's arm with your nose, giving a little lick, making noises with the cage bars. I hope you get some fun playing time today to celebrate your special day! Happy Bunny Pet of the Day, Felix!