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Thread: Help my dog hates the outdoors!!!

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    Help my dog hates the outdoors!!!

    I have a 6 month old golden doodle named Tucker. He is super smart and has caught onto all sorts of tricks and what not but he is not fully house broken because he is terrified of going outside.

    I live on the 3rd floor in an apartment building right next to a train (horrible situation, I know). I have been training him to ring the bell on the door when he needs to go out but he would honestly rather be punished that have to go outside. He will pee and poop on the carpet and it drives me and my roommates crazy. I have to force him to go outside every couple hours or else he will go in the house.

    When I let him out I always use a leash and positive reinforcement. But I practically have to drag him down the stairs and he will not go to the bathroom if someone is walking by or a car drives by or ANYTHING! It takes all the strength I have to hold him back from running back up the stairs to my apartment door.

    I really need help. I love him too much and I don't want this to keep happening!


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    You need to get him more accustomed to going outside and associating it with good things. How often does he get taken for a walk just for the sake of fun an exercise? If you make it more than just going out to do his business and then back in, he will be more used to the sounds and noises and distractions outdoors. Have you done a basic obedience class with him? What kind of training has he had? Are there any parks nearby you can take him to that will be nice that the train rumbling by? He's likely very smart, so this means you have to be smarter!

    All good things come to doggies who go outside! Treats, praise, and fun! What is his biggest motivator - treats,, squeaky toy, a tennis pall ... Get everyone involved if you can, so everyone not only is having fun with him, but he's more well socialized with different people and things!
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    I agree with Karen. Associate going outside to something he LOVES, for example, playing fetch or seeing other dogs. Just something that he absolutely loves. As you keep associating him with something he likes and the outdoors he will realize that it's not so bad and begin getting used to the sounds of the environment such as cars, etc.

    Do you know of anything that happened outside that may have spooked him?

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    To maintain your sanity, teach him to use puppy pads indoors.

    Is it the train which spooks him outside?

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    Thanks for the help!

    I take him for a walk about once a day. I have been home for spring break and he has slowly adjusted to being outside and is not as spooked because the train is no where around. I am leaving to go back to my apartment tomorrow so it should be interesting.

    I do take him to parks and what not but I think the train has a lot to do with it. He rears back like a horse and gets freaked out. He is a beginner dog course through petsmart right now. He has completed 3 of 6 weeks so far.

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    Sounds like you're making lots of progress! As he gets more experience, things will spook him less and less.
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    And if he is six months of age it could be the "I am afraid of everything" faze. Keep working with him and do what the others have recommended. Make the outdoors fun.
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    I almost whizzed my pants when I read this thread.

    I live with a 6 year old Goldendoodle named.......TUCKER!


    I think the 'Doodles' do have some tics that are inherent to the breed.

    Tuck is skittish and jumps when he hears sudden noises and sometimes barks to the point where he is irritating.

    He has to let you know he wants to go outdoors, so he'll bark like a maniac to get our attention.

    That is when the back door is closed, When the door is open?

    He just has to push on the storm door to go out.

    He doesn't know enough to go to the door to check to see if he can go out on his own!

    Tuck is a good dog, but there are times when I wonder if he'll ever get the hang of things.....
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    i have a dog and his name is fusky , he is such a very cute....
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    same problem

    My 5year old girl greyhound Athena got caught in a fireworks display on a walk at the boardwalk a month ago. This week she has decided that she is scared of everything outside our house, and in our yard (dogs parking in the next development, lawnmowers, crickets!) and will only "make" if I walk (drag ) her to a "Dog Area"; or she messes in the house. She is not scared at all on the walks we take twice a day at the park though. Help please.


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