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Thread: Holly And Her Sisters!

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    Holly And Her Sisters!

    Good morning, beautiful Holly, Rosie and Bambi! I think you will all be the Dogs of the day for me today ! How wonderful that you accompany dad to the office and bring smiles and happiness to the people you meet there! I can see why children would want to give you petting and love, too!

    I am so glad the "adventure" up on the mountain ended well, Holly and Bambi! That must have been so scary.

    You are all gorgeous -- I'd love to give you some huge hugs today! Maybe your people will do that for me. Happy Dog of the day to Bambi, Rosie and Holly!!
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    Hello Holly, Rosie, and Bambi; you three are absolutely beautiful! When I saw the first photo with the Valentine antlers, I laughed. Really, what a lovely threesome! I enjoyed all the photos. It sure sounds as if you have a great life and are totally loved. I imagine that you three are a handful but so much fun. I hope all of you have many years with your family and congrats on being DOTD! (all of you)!

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    Greetings and a very happy Dog(s) of the Day to you, precious Holly, Rosie and Bambi!
    What a terrific trio of Sheltie sisters you are, simply beautiful! Your long, thick coats of many colors are simply gorgeous, and the sight of you three all decked out in your festive Valentine's Day gear has me smiling from ear to ear! My girl Star has her Christmas antlers, but those heart ears are the best! It's no big surprise to hear that all who cross your paths, especially young children, fall hopelessly, helplessly in love with you! And how neat that you all get to accompany Daddy to the law office each day, playing official greeter to his clients, and no doubt having his 3 beautiful girls by his side each day is a great stress reliever for your Daddy as well! I'm so relived to hear that you Holly, and Bambi, survived your harrowing night out on the mountain! I can only imagine how frightened you were, and how relieved your parents were when they finally found you...wet and cold, but thankfully safe and sound! Hopefully you'll heed Rosie's advice, and stick close to home from here on in...your family, and all who know and love you, want you around for a long, long time!
    Thanks to your dear family for sharing you and your heart warming story with us all! It was truly a pleasure meeting you all, having the chance to pay tribute to the very special ladies that you are, and all that you mean to your family!
    Enjoy your much deserved day of honor, girls! Hope you're treated to all your big, beautiful hearts desire, and more!
    Love and hugs and kisses to you precious Holly, Rosie and Bambi!
    (Keep up the good work with those swimming lessons!)
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    Hello Holly,

    Oh my, what gorgeous girls you all are. Each is beautiful in their own way.
    What great adventures running & playing in the mountains. Getting lost was scary
    I'll bet, I'm glad your story had a happy ending. I also loved seeing your pictures
    especiall when Bambi was still a puppy standing on the tree stump.
    Congratulations to Holly, Rosie & Bambi on being honored today as our three
    gorgeous DOGS OF THE DAY. Hugs & kisses for all. xoxoxo
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    Happy Valentines Day Holly and sisters! You're all three beautiful! Congrats on being DOTD Holly!
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    Holly and her sisters

    Holly is so beautiful and so are her sisters!! I'm envious, it must be awsome to wake up everyday to those sweet girls. Yes they all deserve to be DOTD So glad they turned up safe after their walkabout excursion Hope today is a special one for all of you! Peace and love Please smooch Holly for me

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