Hello everyone,
My name is Brenda and I share my home with 5 dogs, Snappy Doo a long hair chihuahua, Lilly a chihuahua, Giggles a pug, Silas a golden ret, Lab mix and Bandit a husky mix. I have 1 african grey timnah his name is Dixie, and 3 cats all DSH Pita. TaShara, and Hoobley. them all.
Snappy came from my work (Animal Control) he would have went on the EU list because he isn't very nice. Bandit was stolen away from abusive people, my son took him when he came home from school. Bandit carried his abuse home with him and crouches when he is approached. Even though he doesn't get abused here, He will probably always carry the fear. We just love on him and hope he over comes the fear. Silas came from a very good start in life and he thinks everyone is his friend. Giggles and Lilly both had good starts as well so they too love anyone that is willimg to pet them. Pita and Hoobley both came from animal control as well. I bottle fed both them and now Pita thinks everytime I have a lap it's hers to cover. Hoobley on the other hand only wants me to see her but no touching, unless of course you're my husband. She is madly in love with him. TaShara was born to a wild cat about 12 years ago. We found her Momma Kitty under a car, she was no longer with our world and TaShara was still trying to nurse from her. It took my daughter 2 weeks to get close enough to pick her up and bring her inside. Now she is known as Queen TaShara, my husband calls her green kitty. She thinks that anyone with a blanket wants her on their lap. Dixie hum he's a comedian. Always something to say.
There's my pets and now my turn. I'm married almost 25 years. I have 3 fantastic kids and 5 of the most beautiful Grandkids.