He is in sick bay, he has a UTI, is on antibiotics for 10 days.

Spike is not your average house cat, he's fine until you need to handle him, then he turns into a 10lb bundle of hissing, spitting, growling tasmanian devil.

It took me two hours to catch him last night, my house is open concept and that involved blocking entry ways and a whole bunch of running around.

He's well behaved otherwise, but only will let you touch him with your feet..I dont know what happened along the way but none of my others are like that..I hope that the antibiotics do the trick, because I dont have the option of treating him for something chronic..I dont know what will happen if that occurs..

Spike is 12.
I copied this from Shady's description of Spike on the 365 Project. Shady, I hope that is okay. I don't think I can copy the picture because of copyright rules. But I thought I would put the text here so we can hold Spike and his meowmie in thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,