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Thread: The Best Way to Train for Leaving a Dog in a Room Whilst Out

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    The Best Way to Train for Leaving a Dog in a Room Whilst Out

    So now we're making brilliant head way with the toilet issue, we're now debating what is gonna happen when I am back at college. I should be going in tomorrow, but I'm thinking she needs some good time training with being left on her own. I would have tried some training today, but ran out of anything that is healthy to give her as a treat. (She ate all the cheese ).

    At night we had been leaving her in the kitchen, so she didn't make a mess in the rest of the house. But she goes nuts, because I think of her being a husky, they don't like being on their own. Last night it came to a head way, especially as she had been such a good girl all yesterday and hadn't made a mess in the house.

    The way we had done it, was to clear the kitchen counters of things she would be interested in, as she can stand up on her back legs and look around the counter. I would put a spare bed down in the kitchen, which she has slept on before, some paper all over the floor, a bowl of water and her big bone that she enjoys chewing. We would take her for her night walk about half nine and then take her straight into the kitchen, and tell her 'Bed' and 'Lie Down', which she does with no problem. Once we are in bed, twenty minutes later she is attacking the door. It went on for about two hours before I had to take her out of the kitchen and bring her into the bedroom, laying her bed from the kitchen across our bedroom floor. Then she settled for the night and we heard nothing more from her.

    Apart from her accident this morning, which was because of my partner thinking he could get dressed first before putting her out, she was brilliant.

    The thing is, at times we are going to have to shut her in the kitchen, whilst we go out, especially as she's just getting into not peeing in the house. I don't think what we are doing is wrong, its just I know she's still young and that she's probably not wanting to leave us because of thinking we leaving/or she has never had this before.

    I've read some where that the best thing to do is start with small increments of time of her being in the kitchen and if she makes no noise, reward her. My first thing is though, is to get her to see its not punishment, as she has now associated it with the last couple of days of her peeing in the house. Yesterday she kicked up more, as I'm guessing she knew she hadn't done any thing wrong.

    So any help would be helpful!

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    It all has to do with starting gradually. And don't fuss or react when she acts up when in the kitchen, that is rewarding bad behavior! The best thing to do is get her tired before you have to go out, so a long walk, or whatever you can do, and then give her a toy or something to keep her busy. You can start gradually ... do a search here for separation anxiety and follow the suggestions!
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    Rule Number 1 when dealing with a pet: If you do it once, and they like it, then it is a RULE!

    You have now allowed her to sleep in your bedroom. RULE!!!! She will insist on always being in there at night. Hope this is what you had in mind, ha ha haaa!

    Leaving her, well, you are not talking about addressing separation anxiety. She had bonded with you folks big time, and is afraid to let you out of her sight. She's been without you, things did not go well (her prior life). She needs to learn she can cope on her own. You may want to Google: dog separation anxiety
    as you will find plenty of hits on how to work on this.

    I'm not sure which link to give you; you will see they have methods if the dog barks, if the dog scratches at the door, if the dog allows you to leave the room but not go outdoors, etc. So I'm not sure which set of training tips will be best.

    I think you are fantastic owners, willing to work with this girl, doing things step by step. Good job!

    BTW, most separation anxiety takes about 2 weeks to work on and see progress.

    Oh yeah, can't leave without saying: silly man, thinking he can do something BEFORE he lets the dog out!!! Ahahahahahaaaa, he will learn!

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