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    Greetings from Gloucester, UK

    Hi there!

    We are both dog and cat lovers and have both grown up with dogs over the years. We recently took on our first cat, about three years ago now and he's a lovely little boy, Max. We have our little extended family, Banny (white german shepard), Leia (Golden Retriver) and Polly (another black cat).

    Recently we took on Mishka, who hopefully if we can sort things out, will be staying with us for the rest of her life. But as I posted earlier, need to find some way of sorting things out.

    We did have another dog, Yorkshire Terrier, but sadly we had an accident with her on Boxing Day morning. We were filling up with fuel to go to my father-in-law's house, it was his dog, and she was with him in his car. He went out to check his tyre pressures and as he got out of the car, she shot out the car but was caught by the door closing and hit her head on the door pillar of the car. We rushed her to the local emergency vet and it turned out she had bleeding on the brain, so we had to put her down, for other reasons as well.
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