We have recently acquired a female Husky from a Dog Home and are trying our hardest to help her as much as we can. She's jumpy at most things and is starting to be more trusting of me and my partner. She follows us around and watches my partner all the time, and takes her queues from him.

When we were visiting her at the kennel she always seemed to be desperate to go to the toilet and would immediately do it once exiting the building. From this, my partner assumed she was house trained. The kennel weren't fore-coming with any information about her, as they were more busy going on about her being 'scared' and wanted her out. But we know that she doesn't have a problem of going outside as she did it at the kennel grounds.

After bringing her home, we walked her for a good hour to an hour and a half. She hadn't done anything, but we put it down to not eating much that day and having peed in the house when we had gotten back, which we assumed was because of being in a new place and marking.

It's been a couple of days now and it's gotten to the extreme where she'd done it in every room. This also includes pooing. We've spent most of the day cleaning the carpets with an odour remover, thinking that maybe she smells the previous dog we had. Today hasn't been so bad, as we have kept her outside all day.

We've been trying to get her out of doing it by bringing her back to her mess, sticking her nose in it and telling her off before putting her outside in the garden. We know this breed is not easy to train, but it just seems weird that she just wants to do her mess in the house and isn't interested in doing it when we are out on a walk. We give her plenty of time to smell things and even stand around and let her do what she wants to do, but still doesn't do anything.

It is getting to the point of frustration now, as we have recently moved into a new home and with the amount of mess she is making, my partner is coming to the decision to take her back to the kennel. It is either we work out a way to cut it down or can stop it completely. We have even cut down the amount of water she has and only give her something to eat in the morning, so she doesn't do anything at night, and that she shouldn't be peeing during the night.

We don't want to see her go back, as we both love her so and know that she could be a really good dog. If we can get this sorted, everything else would just fall into place.