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Thread: The anteater crew

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    Top Oh The Day To You Too Anteater Crew
    The frost is on the pumpkin & I've been BOO'D by two pet talk ghosts.
    Thank you Fritz & Cassiesmom

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    Ori got Super fat so she has been sent off to fat camp for the summer. She has a girl to hang out with and should be introduced to a male soon.

    Fat Ori by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    I love my mommy by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Pua and Ori at the window by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Pua and Aurora are doing fine having their girl time together without the "baby"

    Pua and Aurora by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Pua helps keep Aurora from missing her baby by being as annoying as she was

    Shoving match by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Pua had her check up recently and she's in good health

    Tired girl by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Aurora has had some fur issues but treatments seem to be working so far

    Goofy Aurora by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    I just really like this shot

    Can you scratch your armpit with your toes? by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

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    Yay! Good to see your crew! I wonder why Ori put on so much weight compared to the others? Ah well, everybody's looking great - and I do love that last shot, too. No, I could not do that, but then, I don't have the impressive toenails that you do, either, Pua!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Part of it is that Ori is a little piggy. I cut back on the amount of soup I was giving her and Aurora and Ori would lick the bowl clean then go eat Pua's food. She's lazy too, never liked to play like the others or only rarely. Partly my fault for not being more hands on but she never liked going out for walks, should have made her do it more anyway. Some chance she might have still been getting milk from her mom too. Mom's will let the babies suckle forever. Couldn't tell since they don't "bag up" with milk like dogs or cats. The nipples themselves just looked bigger is all. Maybe just luck of the draw on genetics too. My friend was always pointing out she was heavier than other babies of her age even when she was little.

    The conservation center has indoor/outdoor enclosures so being less climate controlled should help, she'll get time to climb trees and help out as an education ambassador while there. Once the boy joins the group maybe she'll get some exercise being chased around, ha.

    You can't really tell but in the last shot Pua is sitting on the root ball of a fallen tree.

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